Monahan Elementary School Spotlight

Congratulations to our Student and Staff Members of the Month!
September 2018:
Mrs. Kellie Rodriguez - 3rd grade Math and Science Teacher
Angel Mendoza - 5th grade student
October 2019:
Mrs. De La Garza - 4th grade Bilingual Teacher
Jessica Alaniz - 4th grade student
November 2018:
Ms. Missie Kimble - 2nd grade Math and Science Teacher
Aubrey Herrold - 3rd grade student
December 2018:
Mrs. Elizabeth Thacker - Music Teacher
Melissa Alvarado - 2nd grade student
January 2019:
Ms. Betsy Curl - Media Specialist
Aiden Jones - 1st grade student
February 2019:
Ms. Tammie Syon - Math Coach
Stephanie Ibarra - 5th grade student
We are very proud of you!