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Bio:  I am so excited to be starting my 4th year at Monahan Elementary and also returning to our Special Education Team.  I was able to spend lots of time this summer playing in the sun with my grandson, Oliver and my daughter Liz on the northern end of the Pacific Coast in Portland, Oregon - as well as swimming and playing here at home with my granddaughters, Cailin, Cameron, and Christin and their mom, Stephanie.  My husband, Bryan and I took advantage of both having a week off and traveled to los Cabos for some much needed rest and relaxation on the Southern end of the Pacific Coast.  However, I am refreshed and ready to get back into the class with students once again.


Beginning in August of 2018-19 I will be working as the Resource Reading pull out teacher.  That means I will be helping struggling readers gain skills and make progress in meeting grade level reading expectations.  I began my teaching career in this position 12 years ago after completing an Alternative Certification Program and earning my Teaching Certificate in Special Education for K-12.  I feel like I have come full-circle and am returning "home" to work in this position.  I look forward to working with students in a small group environment and making an even more individual impact on their education experiences in the area of Reading.


Name:  Vicki Clements
Email Address:
Phone Number:  (281) 454-2900
Room Number:  505