A Letter from TEA


SUBJECT: Procedures for the start of the day

Please allow this letter to serve as a reminder of statutory requirements for procedures at the beginning of every school day. Section 25.082 of the Texas Education Code stipulates: The board of trustees of each school district shall require students, once during each school day at each school in the district to recite:

(1)  The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag; and

(2)  The Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas state flag.

A school district may excuse a student from reciting a pledge of allegiance upon written request from the student’s parent or guardian.

Following the recitation of the pledges, the statute requires that all districts provide the observance of one minute of silence at each school. During the one-minute period, each student may, as the student chooses, reflect, pray, meditate or engage in any other silent activity that is not likely to interfere with or distract another student.

Each teacher or other school employee in charge of students during that specific period shall ensure that each of those students remain silent and does not act in a manner that is likely to interfere with or distract another student.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact our Legal Division at (512) 463-9720.



Michael Williams

Commissioner of Education